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Air & Sea Freight


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    • ontour is your reliable partner for air freight shipments worldwide.

      • Consolidation
      • Direct and charter flights (part and full charter)
      • Express and on board courier service
      • Project management
      • DAP incl. collection, customs clearance and delivery

      ontour covers any destination within Europe, Asia as well as North and South America. We will book the next direct flight or the best connection available.

      If the transit time is not paramount but cost we can also offer non direct routings.

      ontour is part of a world wide network (World Freight Network Group) which consists currently of 186 independent forwarders from 95 countries.

    • Import/Export

      We can arrange full load (FCL), part load (LCL) or special containers to and from any port world wide.

      Our sea freight services:

      • Container loading, FCL and LCL
      • Container trucking
      • ATLAS-NCTS-AES-Method
      • Warehousing
      • Automatic data exchange with customers
      • Just-in-time handling
      • Customs clearance (including livestock and perishables)
      • Temporary import / export - form VO, also INF6
      • Maintenance form AV
      • Re-import after declared export
      • Clearance of personal effects
      • Clearance of diplomatic goods
      • Carnet clearance
      • Clearance of test equipment
      • Completion of standard customs forms