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Green Logistics

It is our aim to work as enviromentally friendly as possible in all sectors of logistic. These are the measures we take to save the enviroment...


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  • We only use vehicles that have at least emission standard 'Euro 4'.

  • We are using low-friction tyres which helps to reduce fuel by 5% annually. This does not only save the enviroment but also cost.

  • Adding an urea solution to the exhaust fumes reduces the nitrogen oxide emissions.

  • To increase the performance of the engines we are using low-friction engine oils. They reduce the friction in the engine and subsequently the fuel consumption by approx. 4%.

  • Economical driving can save 10-12% fuel per year.

  • To reduce waste we use as little packing as possible and re-use cardboard packing.

  • By using modern route planning software we reduce our excess mileage. We use less fuel and subsequently reduce our emissions and saving the enviroment.