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We offer a suitable vehicle for your urgent shipment through a variety of vehicles with different sizes, payloads and bodies. This is an advantage you will appreciate - the smaller the vehicle the lower the cost.


send-message phone +49 6142 793 000

Our additional services

All our vehicles are equipped with telephone and GPS tracker. We serve all European destinations with these vehicles in the shortest possible transit time.

    • Hazardous & Explosive Cargo

      We fully comply with the specifications of the dangerous goods regulations (ADR).

    • Air Charter & On Board Courier

      Despite our fast response road freight is not always fast enough. Even if you have urgent spare parts that require an On Board Courier 'ontour' is the best choice.

      On several occasions we have proved our expertise and reliability in this sector.

      We can also arrange an aircraft charter for you. We have chartered several aircrafts in the past including a Boeing 747 and will also arrange collection, delivery and any other required services.

    • 24 hrs operation

      Being available 24/7 for our customers is not out of the ordinary for us.

      Our European night ops is manned 365 days a year and 24 hrs a day. We are available and ready to look after your transport requirements.

      Please call us +44 1753 314 326 and we will take care.

    • Event and Exhibition Logistic

      Our available services:

      • Loading and unloading of your shipments
      • Direct delivery to the exhibition stand
      • Collection directly from the exhibition stand
      • Disposal of empty packaging
      • Interim storage of exhibition material in our warehouse
      • Available 24/7
    • AOG (Aircraft on Ground) and Aerospace Express Services

      We have the ideal structure to keep your cost low. Our drivers are predestined for these transports as they have all the relevant training and access permits required.

      Our office is manned 24/7 and we are able at any time to arrange for your transport requirements.

      If an aircraft is grounded for techninal reasons high cost can quickly evolve for the operator.