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Supply Chain Management – more than a slogan

Suppy Chain Management (SCM) is integrated and process orientated planning and managing of goods, information and cash flow within the value adding chain from the customer to the commodity supplier.


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The logistic provider has to consider a number of aspects:

Procurement logistic: Developing and implementing measures to organise procurement for the warehousing and production process. To provide a European and global procurement source ontour transport service has a resourceful and reliable partner network - World Freight Network.

Warehousing: Strategic location, development of a suitable storage system, efficient warehouse structure and storage system.

Transport logistic: Developing and implementing efficient transportation by choosing suitable vehicles, routes, loading processes and avoiding misrouting of vehicles and empty legs.

Spare part logistic: Developing and implementing measures for the efficient procurement and availability of spare parts.

Distribution logistic: Developing and implementing the process of moving goods from production to the buyer.

Efficiency in logistic will support keeping deadlines, smaller production lots and to reduce the time between production and delivery through suitable storage and distribution systems. The target is optimising the service. In order to achieve this the individual sections of the chain have to be identified and become part of the chain.

The chain connection these sections is the 'Supply Chain'.

'Supply Chain Management' aims to optimise the 'Supply Chain'.

Business processes should be optimised through 'SCM' by reducing interfaces or organising the interfaces more efficient.